What To Do
Tide Tables
Tariff 1 Apr 2015- 31 March 2016
Annual  £240.30 per metre, p.a.
Winter 6-months £105.67 per metre, October - March
Annual with 10 monthly installments £261.75 per metre, p.a.
Residential Surcharge 15% extra on annual rate
Summer monthly £39.26 per metre per month
Summer Season Berthing (any 5 mths Apr-Sep - max 20ft boat) £105.67 per metre per season
Winter monthly £29.50 per metre per month
Trailer Storage £1.25 per metre per week
Mast Storage £5.50 per week
Overnight (including electricty) £2.25 per metre, per night
Weekly (including electricty) £14.86 per metre, per week
Short stay - up to 4 hours £7 per visit
Storage Outside £3.45 to £5.78 per metre per week
Cradle Hire (up to 32') £11.45 per week
Cradle Hire (over 32') £13.35 per week
Lift out and block off

£20.45 per metre

Lift onto Transport £16.85 per metre
Pressure wash £4.85 per metre
Relaunch £16.55 per metre
Unstep / step mast £108.60 per mast
Collection / delivery £29.95 per movement
Slipway useage

£11.95 each way

Unlimited Slipway useage £203.65 per annum
Winter Slipway useage £107.80 October to March
Slipway Assistance £29.95 per movement
Use of drying area / slipway for drying out £6.48 per metre
Annual / Winter berthing option to include:
Six weeks hardstanding for annual contract holders (subject to availability)
Six months winter Trailer Storage for winter contract holders
10% berthholders discount on chandlery (and lifting for annual bertholders), 7.5% discount on Fuel
Other items:
Metered electricity:
Rental of meter POA
Unit price POA
Electricity service charge POA
Wireless Broadband - Resident £16.36 per month
Wireless Broadband - Non-Resident £108.89 per annum
Wireless Broadband - 1 week £10.89 per week
All prices include VAT @ 20%